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 Membegroups and Species
 Posted: Dec 14 2013, 01:24 AM
Goddess 27 years old Staff

and species
Welcome to Invidia, below you will find the membegroups. The membergroups below are the only ones that are playable upon Invidia and are different from species. The only available species on Invidia is humans and witches, which are explain in more depth here. Remember, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak to staff. We will do our best to answer your questions.
 Posted: Apr 15 2015, 04:43 PM
Goddess 27 years old Staff

Royals are very easy to know and understand. They are the rulers of Ostden. They are mostly human but there's exceptions every so often. After all, not even the rulers are safe from people who wanna curse others. Please keep in mind that only those within the ruling family (King Alistair and his children along with his wife) can be in this membergroup.
Much like the royals, nobles are easy to know and understand. They are your Dukes/Duchesses, your Counts/Countesses, and even your Knights who've been Knighted by the crown. Those who fall into this area are nobles recognized by the crown. Wives and children of guards who have been Knighted will also fall under here.
There are going to be your traders and organizations such as cavalries who don't work under the crown; or even your thief guilds. Traders guilds can fall under here, too. Any species can fall into this category.
Guards can guard just about anything. This is a very vast membergroup. Those who aren't knighted by the crown are guards and fall into this area, too. Knights are men and women recognized for outstanding work and performance (aka saved someone important or saved a lot of lives during a battle). When Knighted, they are given a title of "Sir or Dame" and also given land so that their families are now of noble blood.
Templars are Knights that are handpicked to police the witches especially within the school of magic (also know as the circle of magic). They were the shield of the goddess of magic intertwined with magic that helps to keep control over the witches so that they don't step out of line.
Citizens are your normal people who have no nobility about them. They aren't in guilds; they may work on a farm, or work as a merchant. The ideas for occupations in this member group are endless, but one thing is certain. Those in here do not have any noble blood, and if they do, they may not know about it.
Servants are those who are stuck in servitude. Their families are often poor and being in servitude is the only way to bring in any money for their household. You can work in the castle or work for a noble in their household.
The Wanted are the known criminals; those who have been labeled as such and are wanted by the crown. Often these are those who are chaotic evil and don't recognize the crown as the ruler.
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