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Queen's Council: Want to have a say in how the Kingdom is ran? Well Geva is looking for her council members and this could be your chance to have a say in the matter! To read more about this, go here. Princess' Circle:The Princess who is soon to be a Queen needs her inner circle. She is looking to fill positions like lady in waitings and guards! To read more about this, go here. Yes, Master:Wanna play a servant girl who has a hot sexy lord? Dorian Thornton is looking for female submissives to serve under him in his household! To read more about this, go here. Mother, dearest: Geva's mother is needed! She's currently the Queen Regent until Geva is crowned but the woman isn't all that she seems now is she? To read more about this, go here.
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 Posted: Dec 14 2013, 12:39 AM
Goddess 27 years old Staff

General Rules
Welcome to Invidia! For a walk thru on how to get started on our site, please go here!
    Upon registering for Invidia, we ask that you create an OOC {out of character} account first. Jcink has a fun sub-account feature, so your OOC account will act as a Parent account and your character accounts will be counted as sub-accounts. This makes it easier for switching between characters when posting.
    Invidia is an advance, mature site which means some language and scenes may not be suited for anyone under the age of 18. We ask that you please be 18 or older when joining our site. The ToS of this site is in conjunction with the ToS of the hosting company. Please use fade to black for any sexual scenes. Violence threads must be marked accordingly.
Character Limit
    Invidia doesn't have a solid character limit, but we do ask that you take in consideration how many you can handle. We do limit how many powerful (characters with high positions) you can have. We want everyone to have an opportunity to play one after all. This decision is made on a case-by-case scenario.
Character Creation
    During character creation, we are very open to any and all backgrounds and character types as long as they fit within our lore. We typically don't outright tell you no on a concept but rather we aid in the editing process to help your character concept fit into our lore. That said, don't be afraid to throw an idea at us. We ask that you keep in mind a ratio for playing leader positions. For every leader (royal or noble) character you have, we suggest that you have at least one nonroyal/noble. Try to keep it to a 1:1 ratio if at all.
    Avatars must be 200px wide by 300px tall or they won't look right for the mini-profile. Signatures can be no bigger than 500px wide by 200px tall. We also ask that you have NO full nudity in your pictures.
 Posted: Dec 14 2013, 01:05 AM
Goddess 27 years old Staff

RP Rules
Word Count
    On Invidia, we do not have a word count.
    The only rule we have for posting is to be courteous to your partners. Don't make someone wait 2 weeks while you are rapid posting to one thread. It makes your partner feel as if their thread isn't as exciting as the one you'd rather post to every five minutes.
Tense & POV
    All character posts must be third-person past-tense. No present-tense, or other POV (first, second, etc.). This goes for bios and anything else written on the site EXCEPT for diaries/journals.
RPing & You!
    Please refrain from rping with just yourself. What I mean is, don't make two characters just so you can have a thread with yourself. Group threads are completely different thing. However, if it's due to character development in which your other character is the only one to aid another of your character, this would be the only exception to the rule.
IC actions = IC consequences
    While we don't allow anyone to kill your character without your approval, you must keep in mind that if your character does something IC where the punishment is death - death will come to your character. IC actions have IC consequences so your character can't get away with murder, stealing, etc., and just get a slap on the wrist.
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