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The Wanted!

Queen's Council: Want to have a say in how the Kingdom is ran? Well Geva is looking for her council members and this could be your chance to have a say in the matter! To read more about this, go here. Princess' Circle:The Princess who is soon to be a Queen needs her inner circle. She is looking to fill positions like lady in waitings and guards! To read more about this, go here. Yes, Master:Wanna play a servant girl who has a hot sexy lord? Dorian Thornton is looking for female submissives to serve under him in his household! To read more about this, go here. Mother, dearest: Geva's mother is needed! She's currently the Queen Regent until Geva is crowned but the woman isn't all that she seems now is she? To read more about this, go here.
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Welcome to Invidia! Invidia is a mature no word count low-fantasy rp site. A site where jealousy is everywhere, and dark forces are at work. We're excited that you've decided to forge your destiny with us! Below is our step by step guide to getting you started on Invidia. If you still have questions once you've gone through this walk through, please do not hesitate to contact staff!
First Step
The very first step is to get yourself acquainted with the site which includes looking over the essentials like rules, plot, membergroups and species, and even wanted ads and face claims. Register with an OOC account! On this account, staff will be sending all site-wide PMs and, besides, with Jcink’s nifty sub-account feature you can link all your character accounts to your OOC account for easy switching between them. Posting has never been easier! We also ask that your CBOX name and OOC name on Invidia be the same name for easy understanding among the members.
Second Step
It's time to get a character idea going. Now, at first glance, I know that it can look a bit overwhelming, but I assure you it's far from that. Make sure to glance over things in the World Specific area to get a feel how things are run in character. There are things such as how Magic works, information on Religion which can come in handy if you want to make someone who is religious, information on locations and travel as well as Current Noble Houses. And one I find rather important when deciding on a character is Occupations and Statuses as well as taking sides (deciding where you allegiance lies).
Third Step
Whether you have an original concept regarding your character or you’ve found inspiration in our Wanted Ads, it's time to fill in the Application! You want to write down ideas but the app is not completely filled? Post the work in progress app in our Unfinished sub-forum, found in the File Cabinet board. Make sure you contact a staff member when you finish your application in order to approve it. If your application is complete, just create a new thread for it in the File Cabinet. (Attention: don’t post in the Raven/Humans sub-forums. Your app will be moved there after approval.) The name of the thread should be the name of your character - First Middle Last and all character apps will be posted from your OOC account. Staff will review your application as soon as possible!
Fourth Step
Your character has been reviewed and approved? Congratulations! It’s time for you to register your character’s account; the name will be your character’s name - First Middle Last. Don’t panic if your character’s account is not validated when you join. It’s quite normal and it means you have just one more step to take before you can join the adventure. Time to make the necessary claims! Only three more posts with your OOC account - Face Claim and The Directory - and you’re done. Now you can sit back and relax. Staff will soon validate your account.
Fifth Step
You’re waiting for your character account to be validated or it has just been validated and you’re feeling a bit lost? Have you checked our Plot Pages? Something there might catch your eye! Maybe introduce yourself and play games in our General Chatter Board? Or, just come and hang out with us in the Shout box at the top of the page - we do love to chat! Not feeling talkative? Why not make a plotter while you're waiting for your account to be validated. Or if it's already validated even more of a reason to get a plotter up so you can get your plots and threads started! Otherwise, you're ready to go!

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